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4 x 139,264 (Dark Matter) + 4 x 48 (Feather) + 2,880 (Iron Band)
= 560,128 EMC Each.


  • Right Mouse fires a projectile, which launches mobs for 64 EMC if you have a Klein star/ 1 redstone dust. If it is raining and you are outside, they will instead be hit with lightning for 2 glowstone dust. If it's a thunderstorm, it will hit them with 2 or 3 bolts for the same price.
  • Right Mouse into the air will transform any rainstorm into a thunderstorm for 1 redstone dust.
  • Space x 2 enters flying mode. The ring will acquire a blue tint and you will be able to fly in a manner identical to Creative mode. If SWRG is removed from your hotbar, you will fall. If you are water- or lava-walking (with the Evertide or Volcanite Amulet), holding Space and exiting the water/lava is sufficient to enter flying mode,also, pressing G while flying turns off flying, but doesn't seem to turn it on.
  • C will activate Repulsion mode. The ring will acquire a purple tint and a barrier is created around the player in the shape of an 11x11x11 cube, within which SWRG will repel mobs and enemy projectiles.
  • Passive You are immune to fall damage.

Both Flying mode and Repulsion mode can be activated independently of one another. The ring will display a colour (blue, red, or purple) to indicate flying, barrier, or both, respectively.

The ring will consume 1 redstone dust per 10 seconds if one mode is active, and 1 redstone dust per 5 seconds if both modes are active. or 64 EMC if you're using a Klein star

Mob Transformations

When right-clicked if it is not raining, the mob aimed at will be transformed to another mob of its "attitude." (I.E. Passive mob to passive mob, aggressive mob to aggressive mob, etc.) If it is raining, then lightning will hit the spot you aimed it (this does not have to be a mob). This will work like regular lightning, turning pigs into zombie pigmen, charging creepers, etc.

A projectile is fired at a pig.

A pig is hit by lightning from the projectile.

The pig has been successfully transformed into a zombie pigman!

Charged creeper struck by lightning from SWRG.


  • It appears that creating a map while using the fly ability of the ring will always create map_0, regardless of your location. (Tested in version ???) This bug does not always occur when flying, and therefore is most likely unrelated to SWRG. The bug still exists in the Tekkit modpack, but could be unrelated to EE.