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This page is for entering suggested new recipes and items for Xeno to consider for the game.

PROTOCOL: Read the list first, then add. Remove nothing, unless you're Xeno.


Gold matter and refined gold

Back in the good old days, alchemy was all about gold. the phillosifers stone was about gold and living long enough to spend it all. Then came along diamonds that were worth more. Then came along dark matter. Then came along red matter. People forgot what Alchemy was all about. Even this mod did. Even this mods users. Then I came along. Here is my idea.
furnace recipe for refined gold.png crafting recipe for gold matter.png
Gold must be smelted in a red matter furnace to make refined gold. The above crafting recipe is used with four refined gold and a fully charged kein star.

This new gold matter could be used as away to store emc or simply as another level of matter with all the usual stuff that dark and red matter have (i.e. furnaces, tools, armor)
Not to sure about the name refined gold, so if this is implemented, rename it probably. Also since all the natural special abilities are taken with red matter and all, perhaps Gold matter tools will be elemental. i.e.
Sword: 1.freezes mobs after you first hit them (ice) 2. sets mobs on fire without making any actual fire on the ground.
shears: Extracts items from all mobs (not just sheep) and can extract items from trees (i.e. saplings, apples) and leave dead leaves that can regrow and be reharvested.

So on but this is just a developing idea.

EMC Transporting Liquid

A liquid you can use to transport EMC from Antimatter Relays to Energy Condensers. When placed with a bucket, it behaves like lava (just not damaging). It flows slowly, you can't make an infinite source of it and when it gets powered with EMC, it glows. With every block it flows over, it loses EMC. How much EMC it loses and how far it flows is depending on the Tier. They are like other machines, MK1, MK2 and MK3.
Maybe add support for the BuildCraft pipes.
EMC Liquid Recipe
Liquid MK2 Recipe
Liquid MK3 Recipe

by Xamf11

Ember Hammer

A Hammer that you can use like a Red Matter Pickaxe, the only difference is that this hammer "cooks" everything (smeltable) like in a furnace. For example, you right-click on an iron vein and get Iron ingots or when you destroy cobble, you get clean stone. (or rightclick on sand and get glass :-)) You can disable/enable this function by pressing G.
Ember Hammer Recipe

by Xamf11

Condensing the 17-5-1 flower for energy pyramid collectors to make them much more convenient.

The 17-5-1 collectors are the way to go to get free emc to make whatever you want, the only problem is that they are huge and take up annoying amounts of room. The solution is to condense them!
The first Item would be called a Antimatter collector, It would be made of 5 energy collectors and 1 antimatter relay, all mark 3, and 3 Dark matter blocks. It would act like a normal antimatter relay but it make it's own EMC.
The second Item would be the Antimatter collector condenser, make up of 5 Antimatter collectors, 1 energy condenser, and 3 Red matter blocks. It would essentially have the ui of an energy condenser, but it would have the emc income of 5 antimatter relay's and 25 energy collectors, all mark 3. This would make the prosperous and adventitious 17-5-1 flower much easier to place in an ascetically pleasing house while having even more efficiency.
The third and final Item here to be suggested in the MTMFISE, the machine that makes free items super efficiently. It would be crafted by 8 Antimatter collector condensers and 1 fully charged Omega klien star. I find that having 8 17-5-1 flowers is the most emc production I will ever need and that it makes and charges klien omegas in decent time, so this single bock would do the function of well over 184 power blocks. It would be more efficient that 200 energy collectors, 40 antimatter relays all mark 3, and 4 energy condensers. This would be huge amounts of free EMC in a single convenient block, the only downside is the enormous price tag......

Necromancer's Sword

Whenever you kill a mob, It fights for you.
Charge it and when you press r, creates undead(zombies skeletons) at random on eachblock around the player.
Undead are controllable.

X= rotten flesh I= Bone D= dark matter sword M= Dark Matter



Alchemical Robes

My idea is to add a new expensive (not as much as RM Infernal) type of armour, that provide unbreakable armour (gold strength?) that grant bonuses to the consumption of energy from your klien star, powering your items for less! The pieces could be upgrades of DM armour, crafted with wool , covalence dust, and fully charged Klein star Vier.

Blackhole Star

A Special upgraded form of Omega Star.


S - Omega start, D - dark matter stack.
most of properties is like Omega star.
When used mines instantly 7x7x7 area around the player, and Transmutes it Directly into EMC (there are no drops) which charges the star.
EMC impulse it generates to work is 10% of mined EMC, and have to be paid before mining (this gives 90% efficiency together).
Any item with higher EMC value than gold would be excluded from mining. Any block with higher EMC value than Gold Block would be excluded from mining.
The excluded elements could be mined one by one.

Idea by majaczek

Supernova Star

A special upgrade of Omega Star



S - Omega Star, R - stack of red matter
most of properties is like Omega star.
When used it discharges EMC inside to hurt all living things around in radius of 12 blocks. The per-heart EMC depends on type of monster. If it is going to hurt (another) Player it also get the level into calculation. It generates one EMC impulse per second while beeing used, and the impulse tries to hurt all livings around at once two hearts (cost of impulse depends on what is around). If you try to attack (another) player with it and he/she have not fully charged Blackhole Star it charges his/her BS instead of hurting (calculation of EMC per hit is still the same). It also tries to hurt the player using SS, so be sure to have at least one BS with yourself.
Of course fully discharged SS do nothing useful.

Idea by majaczek

Phase ring

the idea is that this ring enables noclip, though you cant break blocks while nocliping
as well as noclipping, you can make blocks and mobs evaporate into mid air (evaporating mobs costs fuel)
pressing R shoots an evaporation projectile

[di] [ri] [di]

rm=red mater sw=swift wolfs gale dm=dark matter gd=gem of density di=diamond ri=ring of ignition
(red mater, dark mater, then diamond are supposed to represent lowering energy)

transport crystal

transport crystals are crystals that you can link up together. right clicking one opens a GUI with a burn slot.
placing an item in the burn slot will transport it to whatever chest (or player) contains the other crystal.

[ch][di] [ch]

c1=colvalence dust level 1 c2=colvalence dust level 2 c3=colvalence dust level 3 ch=chest di=diamond

Talisman of energy

the polar opposite of the talisman of repair, the talisman of energy will damage your tools, but for a reason. if you are out of fuel, you
can power your power items to take off your diamond pick instead. If left in a chest, it will slowly turn your weapons into coal

[st] [pp][st]
co=coal ac=alchemical coal mf=mobius fuel st=string pp=paper

Orb of greed

works similar to a compass, but points to ore, and press c to see the value of the ore it is pointing to


di=diamond gl=glass r3=divining rod lv3

Hellfire Incubator

I got an idea for a item like this ever since I starting power mining, I always get ores that don't get condensed because they're in ore form. I was thinking there could be a item much like the Gem of Eternal Density. When you have the item in your inventory (Or Alchemical Bag) It will smelt all ores into ingots at the cost of either fuel or energy from a Klein Star. It could be upgradable to act like a DM furnace and duplicate some items, and a RM furnace and duplicate all the time. It could upgrade like you do with a collector or relay. I think the recipe could be something along the line of:
[RM] [RM] [RM]
[AF] [FUR] [AF]
[RM] [VA] [RM]
RM = Red Matter, AF = Aeternails fuel, FUR = Furnace and VA = Volcanite amulet.

Idea by Ashkain

Homunculus(crafting stuff @ bottom of suggestion)

Aside from attempting to become rich and powerful, alchemy is also a remedy to make yourself lazy (when you are just waiting for something to duplicate in your compressor,etc.) Why not have a mud slave? Exactly. There is no reason to not have a mud slave. It would have several abilities, from tree cutting to bodyguard. I'm thinking this would be via a GUI activated when the homunculus is right clicked. How do you get one of these fancy bad boys, you ask? First, make a pentacle. Get covalence dust, and make pentacle parts. The quality of the covalence dust will affect the efficiency of the homunculus. After you've got the pentacle parts, craft them together with a bit of dark matter, and place it down on a piece of obsidian. Right-clicking will bring up a simple GUI, with slots arranged like armor slots. Put dirt in each of them, and right click the pentacle to create your very own homunculus! Perhaps you can infuse dark matter into the dirt.. and get an epic-er homunculus... up to x3n0. Also, you could gear up your homunculus and make it near indestructible.
Pentacle part: C=covalence dust
[ ][C][ ]
[C][ ][C]
[C][ ][C]
Pentacle: P=pentacle part | D=Dark Matter
[ ][P][ ]
[P][ ][P]

Hopefully this won't be too hard to code and implement. Peace.

Elixir of Life

Crafted at a brewing stand, the elixir of life will heal possibly all health and hunger as well as a few of the positive buffs that the in game potions already have but their combined into one. could be brewed with a golden apple, mobius or aeternalis fuel and a piece of dark matter possibly. depending on the recipe and how expensive it would be it would give you more than one potion. By Eternal_Homunculus

Sacred Apple

Combine one Apple with One Red Matter to get Sacred Apple. When you eat Sacred Apple You are stuffed (hunger pleased), You Heal up to max, and you get Immortality for 10 seconds. The Sprite will look like apple fading from green to red then back and again.
idea by majaczek

Soul Humor / Soul Eater

Since the way of Mattery and the way of Energy is Divided in 6.0 you need the separate way of Soul. More Precise you need Soul Eater device, which holds charges like Klein Star, but charges Soul Base Charges not EMC, and there is need an aim to use for SBC, the finest I can think off is summoning. The Soul Eater will Charge with SBC Each Time you kill an enemy and count of SBC gained is proportional to exp given by killing.
idea by majaczek

P.stone Transmutation Suggestion

Allow EE to look at the item that you place in the transmutation tables recipe. Say I have RP, and i'm making a buffer. Thats Plank-ironbar-plank-ironbar-plank-ironbar-plank-ironbar, with a space in the middle. EE can see that it uses 4 planks and 4 iron bars to craft, and compile an EMC for it the same way as if you put a stone pickaxe in the table-3 stone and two sticks combined. Going even further, you could do the crafting recipe of an item to craft the next thing. Example: In build craft, to craft a wrench its 3 iron 1 stone gear. EE first would say:

3 iron. done.
A stone gear? What? Well, it appears that one would use this :wooden gear" and four stone
Then it would trace it back to look at the wooden gear, using four sticks.
Now EE sees that to make a stone gear, you need four stone and four sticks.
Total EMC value of wrench: 3 Iron+4stone+4sticks. :D
This will work with all mod items that don't use an item that exists in a modified terrain gen, example rubes in RP. (unless of course there's a red power add-on)

Humor Essences

Humors are represented by
Essence of mattery - a stack of 64 is created by grinding one black matter
Essence of energy - a stack of 64 is created by grinding one mobius fuel
Essence of life - Various recipes from food, body parts and/or plant based materials (so everything from sugar, wood blocks, through pork chops)
Essence of soul - it will be only possible to gather while killing things with soul gaining tool in inventory

Essences looks like pile of colored sands
mattery - black, energy - orange, life - green, soul - purple

Humors is almost same idea as elements, but using just fire, water, earth, air would have much less sense in-game.

Idea by majaczek

Alchemy Circle of Creation

it's a block, GUI look like


1,2,3,4 - source containers for 4 humors
C - Crafting formula
X - unused window space

the recipes on the table may contain only the 4 humor essence types and catalisators (such as Phylosophic stone, amulet of undertide etc)

the table work cyclic in time - when recipe is valid and its time to go it consumes as much essences as lay on the circle (the C ones) from support containers in the corners, leaving the ones on circle not touched, all not humor essences are thought a cataliser so it is also left untouched but nothing burns for them. after "paying for recipe" one of two following will happen:
1) the recipe is for creature/NPC so the living being are spawned on top of the alchemic circle table block
2) the recipe is for item so the correspondent item is stored in an alchemical chest which neighbours the table
NOTE: it would do nothing if not enough fuel
NOTE: the corners may contain only those essences and each corner have its own essence not to be mixed

the recipes should made possible making almost any item (generally you won't be able to do anything than is more complex than one black matter orb) and almost all living beings with inclusion of API which would allow other mod makers to add own recipes for new items/creatures/NPCs

also table is 7x7 and you have at least 5 possibilities per field so there will be plenty much more recipes than is currently a limit of game added content, and hopefully it would be long time until first recipe conflict happens (which would have to be resolved on authors of plugins to circle API)

NOTE: I have no idea about the recipe for the table itself, for the base interval, and for strict recipes for vanilla items/livings... perhaps watch of flowing time could help it working from inside an alchemy chest

NOTE: this is nice solution to spawner block while payed enough to work (and recipes could contain essences in stacks if 49 essences wouldn't suffice), also there is possible gathering essences from alchemical chests

It's full size block
block show one of classic alchemic circles which graphically would take space of 3x3 (or 5x5 or 7x7) cells bottom just above the block, which would disappear when the heart (the block in center) is collected, also make it not work if not enough place around to draw an alchemic circle.

The Circle Sprite which is merged with the block Could be animated, perhaps best animation is just rotation
The Circle Sprite would of course float in air if there aren't any block on the level of generator block itself, or stick the ground if the generator block is grounded.
The Preference is the sprite is a visible but little bit above the block boundary

Idea by majaczek

Summoning Circle

It's a block with similar appearance as a block suggested above
the GUI would contain of only destination slot
it slowly charges from klein star or antimatter relay
when the charge is enough the device uses it to spawn chosen living thing above the block, and start charging again
Perhaps it would be possible to use more normal fuel than EMC, but no lower than mobius fuel
The code would add API so the monster/NPC adding mod could define the cost of living things in EMC

Idea by majaczek

Multidimensional Alchemy Bag

recipe is


R= Red Matter
1,2,3... alchemy bags of different colors
the content of alchemy bags is not consumed, but bags itself are.

Works as Alchemy Bag, but cannot be linked to alchemy chest or anything world specific,
and the content save outside the world data, so it can be accessed from any world (There's one and only one set of contents)

To access the content of this container from more recent world one have to just craft the first instance of this item to the new world.
In SMP content is saved on server to prevent cheating. In single Player it just saves next to the worlds.
The code could use serializing algorithm from original game (but only part of it as there's no placed blocks and only one content set per player).

Idea by majaczek

Transmutation Grid Alterations

I saw this on the forum and thought I would post it as a reminder to myself. It's been requested that the Transmutation Grid work differently. I generally agree that it should work in this way, although it will ultimately be a complex, hard-coded system and nothing like the original crafting system, which I more or less copied and altered to my needs. A system that would actively "detect" the number of materials in the grid would be a very "easy" way of crafting massive quantities of.. pretty much anything. Unfortunately the problem of it I see is that when transmuting to near-materials, however basic, would be just as "unintuitive" as the system that is currently in place (it was the observation of the suggesting party that the new transmutation system was unintuitive. I fail to see how it's less intuitive than the existing system, which only gives you the single output option and functions almost precisely the same).. still I like the idea, and I hope to do something with it.

*It would also be good if the transmutation table was also capable of performing some regular crafting

  • Because everything (at the moment) is shapeless on the transmutation grid, can you enable the ability to shift-click stacks of items to move them into the grid, like chests do? (From MidnightLightning)
  • Cobblestone seems to only have the options of sand, dirt, or clay as outputs; if all 8 slots of the grid are full, it should provide a redstone ore output to go up the normal progression chain. (From MidnightLightning)

Dark Matter Spear

Built like the spears in Balkon's Weapon Mod:
Where X is nothing, M is Dark Matter, and D is diamond. Does a little less damage than the Dark Matter Sword. Right-click throws the spear, then teleports the player to it; the player instantly picks the weapon back up. V-charge to increase damage output.
(and of course now it will need a Red Matter version, obviously crafted like this:
Where X is nothing, R is red matter, D is dark matter, and S is the dark matter spear. -Withmyself64)

Light Power Item

A tool that provides light in the form of a non-solid block that follows (encompasses) the player, allowing you to see with torchlight consistently. It may also have powers to place large amounts of torches or some other light-producing-block not yet invented by me. Other functions may come as a result of the item, such as remote torch placement, temporary remote lighting, or other functions such as daylight simulation to burn the undead or other such light related features.
(honeybunch/boilerplate - I assume that the light emanating from the player would be an effect that can be toggled? I'm guessing this would be the plan, but I want to make a point of it because for some reason light recalculations near flowing water cause incredible slowdown on my computer.)

Construction Matrix

A tool that, when 'fired off', instantly builds a prefab fortress (or some other thing) around where you're standing. Costly!
(from x3n0- planned, original suggestion credited to GrimArchangel's "Builder's Stone". It will be done, and it will be.. complicated.)

Containment Amulet

This amulet fires a shot off (animated like the volcanite one). If it hits a mob, of whatever sort, the mob vanishes, and you gain an "effigy" of that mob. So, shoot a zombie, no more zombie, you have a zombie effigy, a little statuette, basically. This uses up some reagent or other.
  • If fired with one or more effigies in your inventory: Then it uses up the first effigy it finds in your inventory, and spawns that mob.
  • Which Means... You'd now have a way to get mobs exactly where you want them. Hilarity ensues. Zombies are killed in ridiculous ways. Wolves are acquired. Zoos are constructed. Adventure maps are built.
(Adam222- Maybe the "containment" and "release" could be separate functions? Like left click to fire the containment projectile, right click to release a mob? Or maybe the mob effigies could be usable items of their own, and using them would be what releases the mob.)

Crafted Spawners [goes with Containmment Amulet]

Made with eight diamonds and an effigy (or maybe more costly. Dunno.) A monster spawner, for... Whatever the effigy is. Also prevents spawning of anything else, within a set radius. Which means, presto, this is my skeleton pit. Skeletons only, thanks. That? That's my creeper-killing contraption. And, yeah, the roof is more than three block high, but it's okay; there won't be any Endermen coming through there.
(from x3n0 - both this and the entry above it are really awesome ideas. I want to work on this one eventually.)

Orb of Summoning

Possible Recipe: (DM = darkmatter, G = glass, MC = mossy cobble (or perhaps one of the above Crafted Mob Spawners if you add them))
G, MC, G

Causes mobs to be immune to burning/pacifying in daylight, and when activated it spawns vast quantities of mobs near you.
Perhaps causes mobs to be more aggresive/dangerous to the player
Useful for massive arena battles vs mobs with all your awesome mob fighting gear :P
(x3n0 - this would be a little hard to code, I think.)

Ring of Freezing

To mirror the Ignition Ring:
  1. The ability to throw snowballs. Since both the Ignition Ring and the Rending Gale shoot projectiles, and there is a winter-themed projectile already, it only makes sense for this item to fire snowballs. This is the only ability I have thought of which could be weapon-ized, so I would assume the snowballs could be made to do some damage.
  2. Placing snow tiles. This could be tied in to the snowball idea above for long-distance snow placement, or it could place snow via rightclick.
  3. Freezing water at a constant rate. The ice ring should be able to create ice constantly, so that the ice is formed as you move. Perhaps the simple act of crossing a lake doesn't warrant use of a boat, but is also too tedious to swim across. Either way, it would still be quite a fun ability. Who wouldn't want to be an ice superhero every so often?
  4. Freezing water from long distance. Quite simply, this would freeze water that is far away. This, like the snow tile placement idea, could be tied into the snowball projectile. Perhaps the ring could have different modes?
  5. The ability to shoot a mob turning it into a snowman. Self Explanatory.

I haven't thought of a crafting recipe for the ice ring yet, but I would assume it to require snowballs. Also, ability 3 may or may not cause lag issues. I'm not entirely sure how easy it is to constantly change water blocks into ice blocks without producing lag, but maybe you know.
From the forum thread
(x3n0- If I made this, I would remove the Evertide's freezing power. Other than that, I like it!)
(ChaoSpectre- Question: If the Evertide's freezing power were removed (being the replacement for however the liquid walking was implemented before), wouldn't the Evertide become rather function light? The remaining functions as I can remember are creating and placing varying quantities of water and causing rainfall.
Also, a suggestion: wouldn't it be nifty (and parallel) if the Ring of Freezing could fire a projectile that caused the snowy weather condition when fired at the sky?)
(x3n0 - No, because the Evertide still has water walking. So.. water walking, water breathing, infinite water bucket, causing rainfall.. that's not function light. That's every possible function of water you can ask for.)
(ChaoSpectre- My apologies. You had stated in a discussion on the Volcanite Amulet that water and lava walking may have been getting the boot, being replaced by freezing water and turning lava into obsidian, stating that it was a "less 'ugly' solution to what [you] basically intended to achieve." I guess you changed your mind.)
(Withmyself64: I have an idea for the recipe if you decide to add it to the mod:
I= Ice S= Snowball R= Base Ring B= Bucket of water (or Evertide Amulet) D= Dark Matter. I think this recipe makes sense and is pretty fair. What do you think Xeno? Also I think it should be able to instantly turn lava into obsidian with a certain function.)

Ring of Sustenance


D = Dark Matter
C = Cooked Chicken
S = Steak
P = Cooked Porkchop
R = Base Ring
O = CAKE!!!!

And VOILA! Ring of Sustenance! The only thing that kills me in this game, even before I got my DM armor set, is hunger... I keep forgetting that Notch implemented a hunger system, lol
From the forum thread
(x3n0 - I wouldn't make it a ring, I would just make it sit in your inventory like a talisman. I like the idea, but I don't like the idea of making you an item just because you're too lazy to eat. I will probably do this because it's ridiculously easy. Perhaps if it WERE a ring, it could be made of bacon.)

(ChaoSpectre- For an item that doesn't need to be in the hotbar, this item seems rather overpowered. Unless you intend to charge headfirst into a swarm of mobs, having perpetually full hunger will generally keep you hale and hearty; staying healthy in this way partially nerfs the effectiveness of the Soul Stone. If such a balancing issue is deemed valid, maybe it could be activated to fill the hunger bar at some rate of X redstone per unit. Or perhaps it can do things like increase foodExhaustionLevel from 4 to 8,16 or any other larger number, allowing more actions to be taken before hunger units are consumed.)

(x3n0 - I didn't say it would keep your hunger full did I? It would SUSTAIN you. 50% hunger meter minimum, and I would make it consume sugar.)

Body Stone:

This is the physical counterpart to the spiritual soul stone. It would cost a few dark matter (3+), and require the raw body parts of several creatures. When active, it fills your hunger bar automatically at the cost of one glowstone dust for each half food bit restored. As a passive, while on your hot bar it would automagically cure/prevent poison. Probably shouldn't be Klein Star-able.
EDIT: Hmm... Now that I think of it, 1 glowstone dust is pretty cheap. Probably should feed the player mobius fuel, instead. It builds character!
Idea by: CrazyLemon64 (MCForums)

Amulet of Armageddon

A Catalytic Lens crafted with
2 Klein stars (sphere level)
4 DM Locii
and 2 GoED.
All of these items are consumed in crafting. (could be crafted in alchemy GUI not using the CL in the middle)
This item will come with the racked ability to remove ENTIRE CHUNKS (16x16x128) or CUBES (32x32x32) of blocks in one blow, it simuntainusly automatically condenses all blocks (GoED style).
It consumes an INSANE amount of mobius fuel for each operation (or something like dark matter blocks)
(MidnightLightning - Removing bedrock in the chunks as well? Not sure I'd want something that makes a fall into the void possible, not to mention, would it then give the bedrock blocks to the player as placeable?)
(DocTezla - It's a good idea but leave the bedrock there, it's still the ADMINium, neither "Whatever Matter" tools can remove it XD)

Aesthetic Accessories/Building Materials

  • Dark Matter Lamppost (Lampposts would be amazing) (Perhaps glowstone as a fuel?)
  • Dark Matter Door...
  • Dark Matter Fence
  • Dark Matter Ladder
  • Dark Matter Stairs
  • Dark Matter Halfblock
Feel free to add any ideas to this. These are just two very... average ideas.
(Added the fence, ladder, stairs, and halfblock... How would you build a Dark Matter Fortress without them? -DoomZero)
(Well you know... you wouldn't haha -Limit)
(I think you underestimate the amount of Dark Matter some people actually have. -DoomZero)
(I really do think I do. But people have chest fulls do they not? Without cheating?)
(I took the opportunity to make klein stars pre-Ender Matter, and got 4 Loci hooked up to an Alchemy chest. That chest is now filled to the top with stacks of DM blocks. Chest fulls indeed. -DoomZero)


Everyone's been moaning about a new use for dark matter.
I personally feel that, in addition to upcoming even higher end game items, it should be used as a fuel of sorts.

A recipe involving glowstone and dark matter somehow would produce: darkstone.
Basically super glowstone. It wouldn't exactly be an even trade off (Ex: 64 glowstone dust + 1 dark matter = 16(?) darkstone)
But the darkstone has either double (to balance it out) or quadruple the burn time of regualar dust.
(How would you fit 64 glowstone dust in 9 spaces? -Darkness_void)
(It is possible to set the recipe to use a stack instead of one from each square. Alloys in redpower2 are an example -Taplin44)

Block of floatyness

S=swift wolf's rending gale
you do not get the swift wolf's rending gale back
Behold! the block of floatyness! With this item you can make a block of glass (or whatever) under you while flying (flying not included)! No more dirt pillars or complicated mods for that floating island! Would consume 1 glowstone dust per block.
(What about ice? Why not create ice under you while flying? Also, this doesn't make much sense. How would you descend, if there's a block under you? -DoomZero)
(You would press G to activate it, while active it would put blocks under you so you wouldn't fall, or you right click to place one under you while flying. Also ice would melt, and it doesn't have to be glass unless x3n0 made it that. These are really more of ideas, than the complete no bug full version. -Darkness_void)
(MidnightLightning - use a column of sand/gravel instead of dirt; place your first floating solid block using the top of the column, then break the bottom block of the column and set a torch under it to quick collapse the column.)
(I know that, but why not have something like this for floating mob grinders, and floating castles? Darkness_void)

Smiting Dispensers

These act like regular dispensers, except the projectiles it fires home in on nearby targets. Would probably take a few diamonds and the angel's smite to craft (The smite would get returned).
Idea by: CrazyLemon64 (MCForums)

Water of life

I never messed around with modding, so I don't know how hard to implement this would be (pretty damn hard IMHO). But still, I think it could be pretty cool.

H = Harvest Goddess Band, S = Soul Stone, K = Klein Star 1-5, E = Evertide Amulet, B = Bucket. You get the Klein Star back.
This recipe would allow you to create a bucket filled with Water of life, a liquid block with different effects. NPCs/Players standing in the liquid would gradually regain health and hunger (to a maximum of 75% hunger). Any cobblestone/stone bricks in a 3-blocks area around the water would turn to mossy cobble/mossy bricks over time. Any dirt in the same area would turn to grass. Grass in the area would randomly grow flowers/tall grass on it. Tiled dirt would grow crops. Saplings in the area would have a chance of instantaneously growing into a tree every set amount of time. It could also, maybe, be used in more symbolic recipes (cooked fish > raw fish, bone > meat... you'd get the water bucket back of course).
To avoid exploits, the Water of life shouldn't create infinite pools (lava doesn't, so I guess it's possible ?).

This would allow players to have their very own fountain of youth, which would be kind of awesome. Then again, is it even possible to add liquids with a mod ? If it isn't, then I'm sorry for wasting precious wiki space.
Zhyrek- I like this. Perhaps change the x's to dark matter and you have a Dark Matter Bucket, which could be the only way to pick up the water of life. (And could be worn as a helmet in a pinch xD)
And also, its not at all difficult to add another liquid into the game. Oil from BuildCraft is one of numerous examples.
DoomZero- Lava removes life, so liquids are able to affect your life. If there isn't a way to add life, then you could always remove NEGATIVE life. For the record, I really like this idea. It's a much better idea than any other liquid idea I've seen so far. (And we've been discussing various liquids, including quicksilver. This is how much I like this idea. More than quicksilver.)
Terraforme- Wow, I'm glad to see such positive feedback on my suggestion (and I'm glad adding liquids is not much of a problem) ! I also like the idea of a DM bucket from Zhyrek, you never have enough DM toys. Let's hope x3n0 will like it as much as you guys do. =)

Alchemy Reactor

It makes reactions like fragmenting a Klein Star into two 1-level-below ones with catalysts, Überloading items with fuel and EMC, etc (invent more stuff, running out of ideas) -Tezler

EMC Wifi

~You choose the recipe.~
An EMC Wifi is a block/item that carries EMC depending on the color of the Wifi (using dye such as Dandelion Yellow, Lapis Lazuli, etc.). It only works when a redstone signal is applied to a transmitter block.
For example:
I place a blue receiver block next to a relay with a Klein Star.
I place some blue transmitter blocks in a large pile of Energy Collectors being powered by light.
We can see the GUI of the transmitter has a number that is starting to increase.
If I send a redstone signal on it, The number will decrease and you will see that the relay is charging up the Klein Star.
Remember that if you power another one, It will add more EMC to the receiver depending on how many EMC it has. You can also use it as an item so you don't have to use up space! The blue receiver item is also a useful EMC Storage item.
I put a blue transmitter item in an Energy Condenser.
When I rightclick the blue receiver, I will be greeted with a GUI that has an EMC disposer (Like a Klein Star disposing its EMC onto a Relay), An EMC output and a number (how much EMC it has stored/received). I place my Klein Star in the output and it charges up. I can leave it in there like the GUI of a furnace so you don't have to worry about your items dropping!

This is my first edit in this page... Did I do well?

Gachapon of Loot

It's a little device to get you more loot. It could either up the drop percentage (33% drop rate to say... 50%) or it could, say, double loot received (instead of a skeleton dropping 0, 1, or 2 arrows, it now drop 0, 2, or 4) or maybe it could do a bit of both.
Recipe like this, perhaps...
external image gachapon.png

Land Mine

The reverse of a Nova Catalyst, the Land Mine would be an explosive for creation, as opposed to destruction. Simply plant on any block you like and punch it or ignite it with redstone and after a few seconds, BOOM! Instant land mass. Of course since the nature of explosives are somewhat random, so too would the shape and orientation of the land mass, though it would mostly be circular (since the blast radius is circular). Could be useful for quick creation of floating islands, bridges over water, filling in those pesky water holes and caves, and much more. This would also give Dark Matter (Blocks) a consumable use, so you have something to do with it once you made all the power items.

Dirt Mine

D - Dirt Block
X - Dark Matter Block
N - Nova Catalyst

Cobble Mine - Same as above, but replace Dirt with Cobblestone
X Mine - Replace Dirt with just about any solid block and you get a X Mine for that type of block. Obsidian, Iron Ore, Diamond Blocks, you name it.
(Adam222 - I don't think that more valuable items like Diamond Blocks should be valid block options, simply because of the potential for abuse if the Nova Catalyst creates a mass of blocks more valuable than what was used to make it. Even with the one Dark Matter Block, if the mine is capable of making explosions of larger than 20 blocks area (4 diamond blocks + 4 diamond blocks * 4 dark matter * 1 dark matter block), there's the potential for abuse. The idea itself is good, it's just specifically the X Mine idea with anything as valuable or more valuable than Diamond Blocks that seems potentially abusable.)

Master Chest

It functions exactly like a normal Alchemy Chest, but has the ability to link other Alchemy chests to its inventory. Say you finish that massive cobblestone generator that generates and compresses over thirty-two diamonds per second. You sigh as you look forward to linking thousands of Buildcraft pipes up to the monstrosity, and remember that you can place a Master Chest in a more convenient location and link way too many Alchemy Chests to it by dying them the same color as the Master Chest.

The recipe is pretty similar to the Alchemy chest.
M - Mobius Fuel
O - Obsidian
R- Red Matter
D - Dark Matter
C - Alchemy Chest

Hope you like the idea! (Mythmanpc)

Gold Aggregator

Who loves gold? I know I do, and what was alchemy about back in the good old days of the Dark Ages? Gold, that's right! So who would not want to best those poor suckers in the dark ages (who did not have this mod) by using an item that quickly turned useless garbage into beautiful gold?


G=Gold block D=Dark matter P= Philosophers stone (you don't get it back) R= Redstone

It has four slots on the left side for your junk, four slots on the left side for finished gold blocks (once it makes 9 it automatically makes it into a gold block) a slot in the middle where the created gold goes, and a slot underneath that for fuel. The junk slot would work differently than most alchemy items, it would take whatever was in all four slots and (with some kind of formula) turn it into gold. It would accept sticks, dirt, fences, grass, vines, reeds, flint, gravel, clay balls, bricks, and many other useless things. (Idea by Withmyself64)

Dark Matter Apple Pie (plus other stuffies)

Due to popular demand (one other person):

Where S is a Klein star at maximum charge

Block provides infinite energy to all EE blocks in the world as well as makes an awesome apple pie
Dark matter bowl:
D = dark matter

Which is used in the DARK MATTER APPLE PIE
A=apple, B=Dark matter bowl, K=Klein Star Block
Which can be eaten in SMP to show off how stupidly wealthy you are (You get the bowl back, don't worry!)

Transmutational Grid

The initial concept would be a block (or set of blocks) that when placed, could then be activated with a "receiver" block. The first placed block (or blocks), would either detonate or some other graphical effect and then cause all materials within its radius to be instantly converted into into the "target" block which would be placed into the receiver. this transmutation would utilize regular EMC conversions, with the excess remaining in the receiver to either be used in a different detonation, or emptied into a klein star. The explosion/detonation etc. would need to be defined (maybe using interdiction torches) if using only a singular "ground zero point" block. But if it was implemented as a set of blocks (with extraordinarily high costs) it would be defined using those blocks and would INSTANTLY transmute the area maybe consuming huge amounts of fuel. This would likely be way over powered, but could be nerfed with a maximum definable area. This idea was inspired by BuildCrafts quarry idea, but maybe these wouldnt have to be squares. It would be really cool if they were made into a pentagon. Also, if it was several blocks, then maybe they could be linked to eachother and the receiver by inserting each one into the slots in the receiver. Submitted by TheBigCactus

Runic Reactors

You could add a reactor that crafts runes and and other stuff.
XCX -> Empty Rune x 4

It can be crafted into other runes.
-Capt. Obvious

RCR-> Reactor x 1

(D)ark Matter Relay Mk3
Empty (R)une
(or whatever)

It infuses stuff at runes or other items using EMC, it has a 5x5 crafting grid and a slot for the rune or the item.

Recipe Ideas:
-Solar soul projector
BR xx BR xx BR
xx GD GP GD xx
xx GD GP GD xx
BR xx BR xx BR

(B)laze (R)od
(G)lowstone (D)ust
(D)iamond (G)em
(E)mpty (R)une

When powered, projects a fake sun that emits sunlight to repel aggros (except creeper because it doesn't burn at sunlight, use cats, then!). Substitute to interdiction torch.

-The Repairer
xx HC MC LC xx
xx II II II xx
xx BP II BP xx --> IB --> Rep
xx II II II xx
xx BR BR BR xx

(H)igh (C)ovalence Dust
(M)edium (C)ovalence Dust
(L)ow (C)ovalence Dust
(I)ron (I)ngot
(B)laze (P)owder
(B)laze (R)od
(I)ron (B)lock

At a cost of EMC, repairs items. Substitute to Talisman of Repair.

-Delay-less Repeater
xx xx RS xx xx
xx RS GN RS xx
RS xx xx xx RS

(R)ed(S)tone Dust
(G)old (N)ugget
(E)mpty (R)une

Repeats signal with no delay.
-Capt. Obvious

-Delay-less Inverter
xx xx RS xx xx
xx RS GN RS xx
xx GI RS GI xx --> ER --> DLI
xx GI BR GI xx
xx xx BR xx xx

(R)ed(S)tone Dust
(G)old (N)ugget
(G)old (I)ngot
(B)laze (R)od
(E)mpty (R)une

Inverts signal with no delay.
-Capt. Obvious

-Energy Converter
xx BB BM BB xx
BM RM RB RM BM --> BB --> EC
xx BB BM BB xx

(B)lack Matter (B)lock
(B)lack (M)atter
(R)ed (M)atter
(R)ed Matter (B)lock

Converts energy between EMC and other mods that give permission and back to EMC.
I've got some requests:
-ThaumCraft's Vis
-RedPower's Blutricity
-IndustrialCraft²'s EU (LV, MV and HV)
-BuildCraft's energy

Invent anything stuff you want, can't think of anything else.

Idea by CrimsonGhost

Cascading Collector/Hyperspeed Reactor

A final "mega-tier" of collectors and relays. Collectors have a 5x6 fuel storage as opposed to 4x5, collect sunlight much faster.Finally, an option to convert all the fuel in the collector in dark or red matter. They naturally have the light level of an Interdiction Torch.


  • DM= Dark matter block Mk3 = Mk3 Collector
  • RMB= Red matter block HKL = Hyperkinect Lense
  • VA = Vocanite Amulet G = Glowstone block

The Reactor is the mega relay obviously. 6x6 storage as opposed to 4x5, faster energy transfer and item breakdown as well as better bonus from connecting to collecters. And last, the ability to upgrade klein stars automatically when the engry level is high enough. For example ( using very rough estimates) a Klein Star Ein holds 50,000 EMC. A Klein Star Zwei costs 120,000 EMC?. Fist, the klein needs to be completely charged. Then the relay needs 120,000 EMC stored. It will then automatically upgrade the charging klein star.


  • DM = Dark Matter Block Mk3 = Mk3 Relay
  • RMB = Red Matter Block EC = Energy Collector
  • SWRG = Swift Wolf's Rending Gale O = Obsidian

idea by bishopbutters


This telescope would teleport you, and can zoom in. This would be done with right click. and would let you use the mouse to move and press the teleport button to highlight were you want to go. The crafting is:


DM: dark matter, EP: ender pearl, VT: Void tether, EE: eye of ender, G: glass.

A void tether is made by:

DM EP DM = 16

ST: string, EP: Ender pearl, DM: dark matter,

The enderscope is used in the void ring recipe.

-jimlad 42


  • Add Cactus recipe (Sapling+Sand+Water Bucket or Evertide+PStone (by Tezler)
  • Add Redstone to Sugar transmutation and 2 redstone ->1 bonemeal (By Tezler)
  • Add Bonemeal -> Bone reversal recipe (By Tezler)
  • Dye conversion "cycles" of Red/Orange, Yellow/Green, Blue/Purple and Neutral (From MidnightLightning on the forum)
  • Glass panel deconstruction recipe into glass blocks (By MidnightLightning)
  • The whole "plant transmutation" and "animal transmutation" groups could use more entries and exits into each other, and into the main 'block materials' tree. Likely at low levels, as with Sugar. Coal might be a good place to focus crossovers? (Levi)
  • A reversal recipe for covalence dust could be useful in the case of a misclick (getsome8888)
  • Recipe to decraft mossy cobblestone, also bookshelves (pointed out by DoomZero)
  • Recipe to decraft brick slabs and stone brick slabs. (1 [stone] brick slab -> 1 [stone] brick block) by A'den


Chests Fill Furnaces/Aggregators

Basically, a chest next to a furnace or agg would fill it if it had the appropriate item. If the chest had glowstone dust, and was next to a glowstone agg, it would dump it's glowstone dust in, refueling it.

Great Idea, but you could just install IC2 or BC and link up pipes to the furnace/aggregator. - THE_WHITE_WOLF

Harvest Goddess Band

Allow the band to be placed in a chest, effectively harvesting and replanting crops automatically. Not sure if this can be done if you're not within the chunk.

Watch of Flowing Time

Change the Watch's glowstone to an even number.
When using it with multiple stacks of glowstone, it leaves small amounts behind (usually 1, up to 8) because it only draws from each individual stack. Just takes up inventory space. (not needed, only if easy fix)

Dark Matter Hammer

A new ability, which is to cycle between it's original ability, and the new ability with G. The new ability is that you can charge it up, and target tilled soil, stomping the ground and making all tilled soil around you into regular dirt.
(MidnightLightning - I'm struggling to see the use for this; in what situation other than offensive PvP are you wanting to destroy tilled soil that rapidly? Simply walking over tilled soil ruins it; why need a mighty hammer to do it?)

Philosopher's Stone Aiming Change

The philosopher's stone works by measuring the angle the player is facing when making panels, while the destruction catalyst and the catalytic lens measure the face on the block. It's caused me a slight bit of problem by creating vertical walls where I've wanted horizontal ones and visa versa. Not a bit problem, but I'd rather the philosopher's stone work like the destruction catalyst and the catalytic lens.

Philosopher's Stone

Pressing H with the Philosopher's Stone will now toggle 3 modes, Each with different crafting recipes.
First (default) mode is the Philosopher's Stone, normal crafting recipes.
Second mode is the Fuel Conversion Philosopher's Stone or the FC Philosopher's Stone. Only uses crafting recipes that convert fuel to matter type.
Last mode is the Matter Conversion Philosopher's Stone or the MC Philosopher's Stone. Only uses crafting recipes that convert matter to fuel type.
For example: Using the Matter Conversion Philosopher's Stone with Obsidian makes 1 redstone, and with the Fuel Conversion type, You can turn it back to one obsidian.
When you activate it in your hotbar, It will change all your mining outputs to something different. For example, Mining stone with the MC Philosopher's Stone drops MC Cobblestone. When it is de-activated when you have 32 MC Cobblestone, You get charcoal. 64 MC cobblestone = Redstone. De-activating it with extra MC Cobblestone turns it back to normal Cobblestone. Same with Fuel Conversion: Mining redstone ore drops FC Redstone Dust. When you deactivate it with 12 FC Redstone Dust, You get 1 bucket.
Cooking MC Iron Ingot turns it into MC Iron Ingot. etc. etc.

Dark Matter Armor

Would be nice if the set offered Night Vision/ Boost Drop rate, Double drops , that way while you hunt Enderman's at night you can spot them easier and obtain materials faster. Maybe have us Upgrade the armor with Ender Matter.

Re-Nerf the DM Chestplate, so consecutive hits would hurt you.
Power up and nerf the DM Boots, so you can sprint without consuming hunger, consuming some protection points, and it'd "overheat" when the DM Boots wear out, consuming hunger faster.
With the DM Leggings the player could jump in the air, but it'd consume 10 protection points, and worn out DM Leggings amplify the fall damage.
Diving with DM Helmet preserves lung capacity, but absorbs protection points.
Of course, the PP's would constantly refill.
My argument to nerf the DM armor is that infinite health is boring, like the IC² Quantum Armor, the DM Armor NEEDS cons instead of only pros. -Tezler
(Adam222 - The thing is, most of these effects are already taken in the form of items much cheaper than DM Armor. Evertide Amulet already gives you infinite air underwater and you probably want it anyway for its infinite, any-range water bucket effect, so DM Helmet's effect is unnecessary. Swiftwolf's Rending Gale allows you to FLY, which obsoletes the Legging's double jump AND the DM Boots infinite sprinting (minor bug/feature, if you switch on flying while in the middle of a sprint, the speed boost from sprinting and the speed boost from flying will stack, so you'll be moving around 3x as fast instead of 2x with sprinting or ~1.5x (estimate) with flying). And if we're going to nerf the DM Armor, we should nerf at the very least the Swiftwolf's ring, too, and possibly the Volcanite Amulet as well. Keep in mind that with the Volcanite Amulet and the Swiftwolf's Rending Gale in your hotbar, you automatically have immunity to lava, fall damage, and almost all monster attacks: AKA almost every significant source of damage in the game. The only things that can hurt you deep in the mines are skeleton's arrows, which are minor, monsters which use a fluke to get through your wind barrier, which is incredibly rare and still usually minor, and your own mistakes, such as forgetting food, firing an explosive weapon too close to yourself, or running out of redstone and not having fuel for Swiftwolf's Rending Gale. Combine that with a good supply of food to keep your food meter full and your health regenerating, and a full set of diamond armor which can be repaired for free with an alchemy bag/chest and a Talisman of Repair, and you hardly need DM Armor to say that the chance of you dying is quite minimal. If the swiftwolf's ring was nerfed somehow (like, instead of its normal interdiction effect it had a slightly longer-range pushing effect of something like 75-90% of a mob's normal movement speed, so it drastically slowed down mobs that were going for you instead of just stopping them in their tracks, which would prevent the threat of them getting a cheap shot in from being completely mitigated), and perhaps the Volcanite Amulet as well (maybe blocking the damage from lava, but not from being on fire? Or only blocking MOST of the damage from lava? Or consuming fuel to maintain the lava protection, and only keeping the fire protection as a passive?). As it is, nerfing the DM Armor is pointless because the DM Armor is already pointless; the only reason to get DM Armor is if you already have everything that directly boosts your mining speed, because its final boost of invincibility is ultimately superficial; you were already invincible, or at least immortal, a long time ago.)

DM Armor Parkour

Being able to perform parkour with DM armor would be awesome! Like, wallsprint deplete the DM Boots twice faster than normal sprinting, and fallproof wallsprint (you keep going in that direction without going down) depletes DM Boots and Leggings, and walljumps depletes 10 PP's from the DM Leggings. Also, leaping when sprinting then crouching then (quickly!) jumping, and rolling (crouch when touch the ground, high horizontal speed needed!) to prevent fall damage.

Glowstone Aggregator

A way of showing when the aggrgator is running, colour change, glow, etc.

Swiftwolf's Rending Gale

Change the 'Descend' button from Shift to X, or another button close to the spacebar and WASD. That way you won't descend accidently when shift-clicking with a GUI open.

Interdiction deflects rain and snow. Cross-apply in interdiction torches.

Nova Catalyst

Hole filling idea by EternalDensity
Either a 'mode' or a new item: reverse Nova Catalyst into which you can put blocks which replace air when it 'explodes'.

Ore bomb: blast that only breaks ores (and assumably dumps them on your head). Either a NC mode or a new item. (suggested by

The Nova Catalyst really should be like TNT (it can only be set off with redstone.) I blew up my house when I accidentally placed one and thought it was like TNT. And to make it easier, you could just click it with a philosopher's stone to set it off.

Similar to how the Ring of Ignition burns sand into glass, the Nova Catalyst and Nova Cataclysm should leave glass behind around the edge of the explosion's radius when used in a sandy area. The easiest way I can imagine doing it would be having the explosion occur, then applying an AoE block replace with a slightly larger radius immediately after. Not sure if this is even feasible, since slower computers may already have a hard time processing a series of vanilla TNT explosions and both the Catalyst's and Cataclysm's blast radii are larger than the TNT's blast radius. - 8bitlove2a03 8bitlove2a03 Feb 17, 2012

Gem of Eternal Density

Have the GoED leave half a stack of coal in your inventory, rather than transmuting as much as possible like it does now. The way it works now is less than ideal because there's generally just enough coal left in your inventory to take up a slot, but not enough to actually be useful in crafting anything (for example, torches). Even if there's no coal currently in your inventory, chances are there soon will be, meaning you'll still have to leave a slot open for it.

If it leaves half a stack in your inventory, it still takes up as much space, but at least it's easier to craft a bunch of torches.

Energy Collector

I think that sugar should turn into redstone in the energy collector, currently it is used as an equivalent to redstone when placed in the energy collector (it turns into coal.) Also I think sugar should be used as the most basic kind of fuel for some alchemy items.

Antimatter Relay

Transporting your uncharged Klein Star from your DMF to the AMR to recharge sucks, even more if they're NEIGHBORING BLOCKS so my idea is to add a tweak that allows incoming EMC to recharge Klein Stars even if they AREN'T in the AMR, like it'd split the EMC into 2, one will speed up the block, the other will charge the Klein Star. -Tezler


Putting a pstone in it will create an autotranstable, so you put the initial items and select the products that comes from it. -Tezler

Transmutation Tablet

The UI for the transmutation tablet is cool looking, but annoying to use. Try having a half full omega klein star and make items with an EMC value around 100, it’s a huge pain. In addition, certain EMC values are horribly over crowded, such as EMC value 1, which has more than 8 items. And don't get me started with EMC value 48. The amount and variety of wool is heavily overkill and inconvenient. Plus the focusing mode of the Transmutation tablet is poorly made. EMC values that have more than 8 items get overcrowded and almost impossible to get the items that are blocked out. In addition, carrying a ton of items for focusing, even in an alchemy bag, is a pain for storage.
The big suggestion is to have a scroll bar for the transmutation tablet. When there is EMC in the tablet, it goes to the highest page of EMC that you can afford, and then you could just scroll down to find lesser values. This change would make finding items extremely easy, completely outdoing the focusing mode. It would also solve the problem of the overcrowded EMC values because there would be multiple pages for those values. The pages should auto-condense so that if you are missing some values in the Transmutation tablet, you don't see empty pages as you scroll and instead just see the pages of the items you have "taught" the tablet

EDIT: A different Idea would be to have the Transmutation Table open a GUI similar to the Crafting Table 2 on the right of the table, the GUI would display all the items you could transmute that were equal or less that the amount of EMC in the Tablet.


Alternate Tier System (Levi Kornelsen)

This is a well thought out, and fairly decent idea.
While the entire thing probably cannot be implemented, it has quite the many ideas within it.
Link: Levi's Tier System

Humors System

Based on:
A series of posts between a new member, Imperfected, and x3n0, which may be the best suggestion we've seen yet. Certainly the most influencial.
(I know that this has generally already been accepted by x3n0, but as it has not been implemented in full, it should still technically belong here. -DoomZero)

Pocket Dimensions

(This idea came to me as I was going to bed, growing out of a suggestion thread I once saw and seeing what can be done with EE and the Skyblock survival map (or clones of it). I don't know if this could be done, or if x3n0'd want to, but thought I might as well post it. It doesn't seem to have been suggested before, although something similar appears to have been intended for the black hole band at one point. - pi4t)

Essentially, this creates your own pocket world. You'd use an item crafted from dark matter with a Klein Star as a catalyst to get there, and the first time you enter you spawn on a block of obsidian in the middle of a blue void, and can do what you like in there. Perhaps there should be size limits to save on space, though. Anyway, there's no sun/moon here, no night (unless the Watch of Flowing Time is used, perhaps), no clouds to get in the way of building, and no non player-made weather. Maybe player made weather should last forever, too, unless stopped. You get back into the 'normal' world by dropping into the void, which will return you to the place in space (and time, unless playing in SMP of course) you left from. You can use the same item again to return.

Each of these items that you make will make a different world, and you can have as many as you want (so you might make all your factories on one world, a luxurious villa on another, a challenging dungeon on a third, etc). If you lose the item that gives you access to a world, you can't return there (without some form of hacking program), but you can duplicate the items by crafting one with a diamond(?). Each of the duplicated versions will give you access to the same world as the original one.

This is all just suggestions, of course, and I have no idea how hard this would be to mod. I hope it can be implemented, however, as a sort of ultimate goal: no longer being shackled to the physical world at all. It's the sort of place you can imagine an alchemist retiring to at the end of his career, after he's done everything else.

Looks awesome but i have a better idea, a frame made out of Red Matter Blocks (idea for recipe?), powered by right-clicking any block of it with Klein Star Sphere. The width would be 8x8 chunks and it's a stone flatland. Make it expensive to avoid PD overload -Tezler

I was imagining that it could be used anywhere, as a kind of emergency retreat in the case of attack, or instant house entrance with all your stuff taken with you, should you want to use it that way. If you have to go to a specific portal (ie a specific place, once built) to access it, you've basically just made a glorified place to build, with no really unique features. Not sure what PD stands for, but the expense can easily be set through the recipe. I can get an 8*8 chunks stone flatland quite easily in the real world even without EE if I want to, so I don't think it'd be worth it your way. This is literally an infinite expanse of nothingness for you to do what you like in. True creative freedom? - pi4t

Spell Circles

These circles would be made of covalence dust (possibly with redstone dust or maybe even glowstone dust) and placed like redstone dust on the ground. Then you can power them with interdiction torches. In special patterns these circles could do many things including:
1. Patterns that can make your alchemy machines run more efficiently.
2. A teleportation system that would allow you to go between similar teleportation spell circles.
3. Special barriers around houses and other things. (better than the interdiction torches themselves)
4. An arrangement with an enchanting table in the middle (1.9) that would make special EE enchantments for weapons.
5. Anything else you want Xeno!
That was all I could think of but then someone posted saying it would be fun to make a ring around a village and then sacrificing it to get items. That got me thinking and it would be a great idea if could have a very powerful spell circle. (like maybe the teleportation one) you would throw something into the circle (like mobius fuel or something.) The item would then disappear and the ring would open the portal or however it would work. Also with the sacrificing say you had a large hill, Then you put a ring around it , You would sacrifice an item, and then: The whole hill would condense into better materials!

RedPower Port!!!!!!!!!!!

Please, I beg you, make a rp port, because i need to get the rp ores from alchemy badly!!!!!

Copper + X Iron = X+1 Copper
Tin + X Iron = X+1 Tin
Silver + X Iron = X+1 Silver

Transmuting up to seven of them will cycle them: Copper -> Tin -> Silver ->
Transmuting eight of them at once will turn them back to iron

Nikolite + X Redstone = X+1 Nikolite

Transmuting it will turn it back to redstone

Basalt + X Stone = X+1 Basalt
Basalt Cobble + X Cobble = X+1 Basalt Cobble
Marble + X Stone (or Cobble) = X+1 Marble

Transmuting up to seven Basalt or Marble will cycle them: Basalt -> Marble
Transmuting eight Basalt or Marble at once will turn them back to stone
Transmuting Basalt Cobble will it turn it back to cobble

Sapphire + X Ender Pearl = X+1 Sapphire
Ruby + X Ender Pearl = X+1 Ruby
Emerald + Ender Pearl = X+1 Emerald

Transmuting up to seven of them will cycle them: Sapphire -> Ruby -> Emerald ->
Transmuting eight of them at once will turn them back to ender pearl

EMC values:
Basalt Cobble-4
Red Alloy-70
Blue Alloy-70

Hope you like the idea!

EMC Conductive Pipes/Wiring

While the Collector/Relay Flower designs are fun, they take up a LOT of space. It would be nice if we didn't have to fit them inside our Red Matter Fortress. Or climb and jump so that we can collect some more Aeternalis Fuel and recharge our Klien Stars every time we stop by home.
With some way to transmit EMC we could set up massive Arrays somewhere out of the way, and pipe all the EMC into a single Antimatter Relay or Condenser, which would make it much less tedious to charge Omega Stars and Generate enough Red Matter Blocks to really build with.
Industrialcraft wiring would only require one new item.
Proposed cost of 925,696 EMC, or ~ 154,282 EMC per wire.

The Buildcraft Pipe route would require two new items, a "wooden" pipe to extract EMC, and some other pipe to transmit/inject EMC.

Proposed cost of EMC Cost 286,720 or 35,840 per Dark Matter extractor pipe

Proposed cost of EMC Cost 352,256 or 44,032 per Red Matter transmit/inject pipe

Addition to the alchemical chest

Add a slot for the alchemical chest's GUI where you can put your alchemy bag, and as soon as you put your bag in the slot it will dump all the stuff from the bag into the chest, making the act of putting all you mined stuff into a chest a lot quicker.

More Mod support

Equivalent exchange is my favorite minecraft mod, but I do play with multiple mods installed. Mainly, I use the Technic pack. Some of the crafting recipes in these mods are long and annoying to do. Try industrial craft with advanced solar panels. One day I wanted to put 20 HV solar arrays on my house to give me a huge input for my machines. 1 HV array requires 8 MV Arrays and 1 HV transformer. 1 MV array needs 8 LV arrays and a MV transformer. 1 LV array needs 8 regular solar panels and a LV transformer. To sum it up I need 512 solar panels per HV solar array. This takes a huge amount of time to do. If these items have EMC values it would take minutes to complete my project.
The big suggestion here is that more mods have EMC values assigned to their added items. This especially goes for Industrial craft, Industrial craft advanced machines and solar arrays, Buildcraft, Forestry, and Redpower mods. Almost all of their special "bare bone" items (crafting materials that have to be mined or farmed in some manner) already have EMC values. So why doesn't somebody (I am here to volunteer) spend about 2 hours going through a handful of the big mods (especially the ones mentioned above) and calculate the EMC values, mainly what the combined EMC values of the crafting materials are, but keep in mind that having items change forms, such as coal into coal dust or sticky resin into rubber, have the same EMC values.

alchemy bags name change

i would like to see the option to change the names of the alchemy bags so you can keep better track of where what items go becouse you get so many items that you can loose track of where they are.

PS:my first post here! epic!!

Matter Blocks

When crafting Red Matter Blocks, I find it annoying that you need to have 1 and a half million EMC (this is not to be confused with previous versions. I'm using the latest version at the moment) just to get the block form. Instead, Why not make it so that you can directly craft it using the Red Matter recipe, but with the Dark Matter becoming the block form of it? That way we don't have to wait all day long in your collector upgrading your Klein Stars to get it. Besides, It's not like the Dark Matter Block has in-equal EMC value to it's item form.

EMC Calculator

Not necessarily an item, but none the less, important. Lots of mods have very expensive items. Some times it can be annoying when you craft something in a mod by accident and you can't get the materials back. Especially when you try to condense it only to find you can't.

That's where emc calculator comes in. You put items from other mods into the condensor and EE will calculate how much emc it's worth from it's basic minecraft item values.
i.e. the crystal chest in tekkit. EE knows how much glass is worth, but since it doesn't know how much diamond chest is worth, it looks at the crafting recipe and adds the diamonds to the emc value because it knows how much diamonds are worth but not diamond chests. Then it looks at the crafting recipe for diamond chests and sees that it doesn't know how much a gold chest is worth so it looks at that crafting recipe and adds 8 gold worth of emc to the total emc and so on.

Basicly, if EE doesn't know how much it's worth, it can figure it out from the crafting recipe. If there is a modded item in the recipe, it calculates the emc of that too and adds it.

However, this would create lots of lag if it had to figure this out every time. What you could do there is once it finds the emc of something, it archives it with the rest if the emc values.

I'm no modding expert, but if the archiving of emc values are small enough, you could add an option. Minecraft has an option where it can send data back to mojang so they can improve minecraft. Using this as a blueprint almost, you could have peoples computers send these emc values to EE so the mod download can be updated but that may effect the launch and may cause bugs. As I said, I'm no modding expert and this is not an item but it would be really useful.

However, with all this, it begs a question, what do you do if the modded item is an ore? Well what you could do is have EE decide that judging on how rare it is. Specifically from the world generator. In order to have modded ores, it must be implemented in the world gen, and from how much it is created in the generator, EE can be able to determine how much it's worth. i.e. If diamonds were a mod, then EE could look at how rare it is and determine it's value.