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434,176 (Dark Matter Pickaxe) + 139,264 (Dark Matter) + 3 x 466,944 (Red Matter) = 1,974,272 EMC

All red matter tools can be charged three times with the 'v' key. Charging an item up dramatically increases the breaking speed.
Red matter tools have infinite durability, just like their dark matter counterparts.
The right click function of the red matter pickaxe is an upgraded version of the dark matter pickaxe: by right clicking an ore vein the pickaxe will instantly mine the entire vein up to a maximum of 32 blocks. It drops the blocks on top of the player to make for easy collection.
Regular mining with the left click option has four different modes, which you can toggle with the 'c' key:

1. Standard: breaks one block at a time
2. 3x tall shot: breaks 3 blocks at once vertically
3. 3x wideshot: breaks 3 blocks at once horizontally
4. 3x longshot: breaks 3 blocks at once in a line in front of you

These "3x" modes take almost as long to mine as the standard mode, thus greatly speeding up your mining.
see Dark Matter Pickaxe

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