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Version 6:

The Philosopher's Stone has several features and is the base at which an aspiring Alchemist starts. Many young Alchemists think that creating the Philosopher's Stone is the culmination of the art of Alchemy. How wrong they are. It is merely the beginning of opening the door to the Transmutation Tablet.

Realtime Transmutation

The Philospher's Stone not only gives you the power to change a handful of items into others, but it can also transform the very environment around you!
Right-clicking will transmute certain blocks to others, Shift + Right-click will change a block as well.
Right Click
Shft + Right Click
Stone ⇒ Cobblestone
Stone ⇒ Grass
Cobblestone ⇒Stone
Cobblestone ⇒ Grass
Netherrack ⇒ Cobblestone*

Grass ⇒ Sand
Grass ⇒ Cobblestone
Sand ⇒ Grass
Sand ⇒ Cobblestone
Gravel ⇒ Sandstone
Sandstone ⇒ Gravel
This effect costs no fuel. Transmuting large areas at once can incur a cooldown on the effect.

Pressing "R" will fire a projectile outwards, if it hits a mob it will transform them into another random mob of that disposition, Peaceful or Aggressive. This effect costs 1 glowstone dust. Mobs added by other mods will turn into a slime or sheep randomly regardless of that mobs disposition.

Pressing "C" will open a Crafting Table. Be forewarned due to some changes by Mojang the Philosopher's Stone will jump out of your table into your inventory, or worse!

The Transmutation function has been removed as of version 6.

Transmutation Recipes

For a list of transmutation recipes, see Recipes EE2.

Here is a video explaining the uses of the Philosopher's Stone, its recipes, simple fuel transmutation, and more!

In-depth video exploring the transformation modes (Line/Panel/Cube) of the Philosopher's Stone for dirt/sand&stone/cobblestone.

*Only in the Nether. In the Overworld it still goes between stone and cobblestone.