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2 x 68 (Redstone Torch) + 3 x 8192 (Diamond) + 3 x 384 (Glowstone Dust) + 1 x 9984 (Philosopher's Stone) = 35,464 EMC per 2x.
136 + 24,576 + 1152 + 9984 = 35,464 EMC per 2x initially.
25,864 EMC per 2x or 12,932 EMC each afterwards, when using a Transmutation Table.

The Interdiction Torch has the push-force effect as an activated Rending Gale, with a 5-block radius. All mobs that try to get in within the radius are repelled. This also works for projectiles fired at you, as they are deflected.
Generally, a single Torch can protect a player when placed on the ground, and a Torch or two in a mining tunnel will guarantee virtually anything to be barred from entry.

In addition, putting an Interdiction Torch in an Alchemical Chest will cause it to produce a light level of 15 and repel mobs. The fact that it emits light means that it has ability to act as a glowstone block above a collector, giving a buffer to remove items from and additionally powering the collector.

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