The Dark Matter Pickaxe is capable of blistering through stone and ore alike, decimating Obsidian in seconds with its pick made of Dark Matter and handle of Diamond. It is the only thing capable of breaking a Dark Matter Block in any reasonable amount of time. The Dark Matter Pickaxe's EMC value is 434,176.

The Dark Matter Pickaxe's charge ability does not require fuel to use and, upon right-clicking, mines up to 16 of any ore block in an area.

The Dark Matter Pickaxe can be charged up with, by default, the V key. The mining speed of the Dark Matter Pickaxe increases dramatically by charging it up.

Regular mining with the left click option has four different modes, which can be toggled with, by default, the C key:

  • Standard: Breaks one block at a time.
  • 3x tall shot: Breaks 3 blocks at once vertically.
  • 3x wideshot: Breaks 3 blocks at once horizontally.
  • 3x longshot: Breaks 3 blocks at once in a line in front of you.

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