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6 x 12 (String) + 2 x 139,264 (Dark Matter) + 2,012 (Iron Band) = 280,612 EMC each
72 + 278,528 + 2,012 = 280,612 EMC each

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A simple tool for the lazy alchemist, the Black Hole Band gathers nearby items for you. Simply press G to activate, and the pull of a localized black hole will bring items in from a relatively short distance (about 7 blocks away). The Black Hole Band is free to use.
Adding the Black Hole Band to an alchemical chest or an alchemy bag will cause it to draw in items from the same range as it normally would for a player and suck them into the chest making it useful for automatic farming. Since it sucks items into an alchemy bag for you, it can be put in an alchemy bag with a gem of eternal density fully charged to make a nearly infinite inventory with greatly reduced inventory management.

It can also be used for cleaning up messy spills!
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on liquid blocks with this item in-hand will cause them to be unexpectedly sucked into oblivion and never seen again, like a perpetually empty bucket.