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2 x 51,200,000 (KSO charge) + 2 x 25,165,824 (Klein Star Omega) + 2 x 208 (H. Covalence Dust) + 2 x 8 (M. Covalence Dust) + 2 x 1 (L. Covalence Dust) + 96 (Book) = 152,732,278 EMC total.
102,400,000 + 50,331,648 + 416 + 16 + 2 + 96 = 152,732,278 EMC total. Cannot be copied in an Energy Condenser.

Both Klein Star Omegas must be fully charged, and are consumed.

This item, when placed into a Transmutation Tablet, automatically unlocks every item that can be transmuted, being consumed in the process. No more trawling for the elusive melon seeds or bothering to craft cake!

Note: The Tome has to be placed in the "Burn" slot in order to work, not in the "Fuel" slot on the left.

Of course this means that any mod items with an EMC value will also appear (providing they are installed of course), making custom maps, such as Skytable (formerly Skychest) and the famous Skyblock, viable to use for mods such as Industrial Craft and Red Power.